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Special session: AgKnowledge Ethiopia

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

Ermias Sehai

Aims of the session

The Knowledge management activities within IPMS projects will be featured.


1. Agenda for the session

The allocated space (large auditorium) will be divided in 4, as 4 examples of IPMS activities First one will be an example of a district Knowledge center 2nd one will be about the use of livestock fairs for knowledge dissemination 3rd one will be about Indigenous knowledge (ethno veterinary services) 4th one will feature various commodities and knowledge related activities carried out to dvp the commodities (honey, fruits, vegetables etc)

2. Facilitators:

  • Content -
  • Process -

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):

1. A progressive (hierarchical view) of the role of farmer training centers, Knowledge centers, Agriculture portal in facilitating knowledge creation/sharing/communicating to different stakeholders in Ethiopian agriculture. 2. A farmers' market where farmers will sell their produce and in the process we can feature the knowledge exchange and knowledge flows that happen during price negotiations/haggling between buyers and sellers as well as k/s that go on among sellers while they wait for customers, etc. We plan to feature posters or some props behind each farmer's stand where we may highlight what was done to bring about knowledge that led to the development of the specific commodity being sold. 3. A facilitated "talk show"/group interview session where we feature farmer-to-farmer, farmer and service providers, etc knowledge sharing that result in positive outcomes around commodity value chains. 4. A books-on-"wheels" kind of thing where we "peddle" IPMS publications, videos, etc from the backs of a donkey (or something of a similar nature) 5. A "livestock fair" where we show how such fairs helped to: - Promote market for fattened animals - Inspire communities to increase their engagement in fattening - Create pride in and appreciation of the activity among the community members.



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