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Focus Group session on Mobiles

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

Pete Cranston

Some outputs

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Aims of the session

To discuss how participants use mobile phones for information sharing and dissemination especially in rural areas. To get case studies of those who have over come the challenges associated with the use of mobile phones in rural areas e.g limited power for charging


1. Agenda for the session

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Context - linking to the CTA m-agriculture wiki, developed in the CTA 2009 Observatory
  3. Speedgeek
  4. Discussion - possibly discussants
  5. Next steps

2. Facilitators:

  • Content -
  • Process -

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):

See above


Nested networks: Using networks of mobile phone users for community disease surveillance in a developing country context: Experience from Tanzania and Uganda [(kirsten.mathieson@fao.org] , joseph.ssentongo@fao.org)

Using mobile devices, especially phones, to create, share, access and use information (marianakirya@brosdi.or.ug)


Mobile phones are one of the most preferred form of ICT in rural areas of Africa. However they are many challenges associated with the use of mobile phones and these need to be addressed in order to reach the grassroot person more appropriately.

  • I am very keen to use uStream and Skype to engage Kevin Painting of CTA, and any other participants from the CTA m-agriculture project, and other interested parties such as FAO *