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Focus Group session on Reporting Agriculture

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

WRENmedia - Susanna Thorp

Some outputs

Aims of the session

This session will focus on promising ways that agricultural knowledge can get 'reported' through print, radio, tv and other media. Drawing on experiences of several initiatives, this session will aim to kickstart discussions and sharing of experiences, as well as the challenges, of reporting on agriculture in Africa.


1. Agenda for the session

The session duration will be 90 mins:

  • Brief introduction of participants and one key expectation from the session
  • Short story-telling presentation on the challenges for reporting agriculture "Who are we talking to?"
  • 3-5 presenters (each max 5 mins) using digital presentations, video clips and audio providing examples of reporting initiatives
  • Group discussions on "Better reporting of agriculture"
  • Plenary wrap up session

2. Facilitators:

  • Content -
  • Process -

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):


  • Susanna Thorp, WRENmedia
  • Rob Burnet, Well Told Story and Purity Mumbi sharing experiences on Shujaaz -FM radio and comic initiative, Kenya
  • Clement Kirenga, Programme monitoring and Communications Officer, DFID RIU (Research into Use) initiative, Rwanda
  • Pius Sawa, Science journalist, trainer and consultant, Uganda - Training for better agricultural science reporting
  • Peter Casier, Consultant – Using the full potential of social media to get “the message out” see [http:www.blogtips.org/| http:www.blogtips.org]


What is a Focus group session?