KM4Dev Africa

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KM4Dev Africa

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

Pete Cranston, Charles Dhewa

Other portential facilitators:

  • Janet Achora
  • Willem Bettink
  • Gauri Salokhe
  • Roselinie Murota

Aims of the session

Our session aims to share what km4devers are doing/have been doing. We also hope to raise awareness and interest among new members.


1. Agenda for the session

After introduction, Pete, Ewen or Gauri will briefly talk about the history of KM4Dev. This will be followed by a ‘Knowledge Stock Exchange’ in which participants share what strikes them about knowledge management/sharing. KM4Devers will try to weave in topical issues that have been discussed on the km4dev dgroup. Major ‘knowledge stocks’ will include: questions, answers to questions, insights from what members are doing and emerging conversations. The conversations will be documented and we should be able to identify ‘knowledge stocks’ at the end of the discussion.

2. Facilitators:

  • Content - All participants.
  • Process - Pete, Gauri, Charles and others.

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):




Over the past 10 years members of the 1200 (?) strong knowledge management for development (KM4Dev) community have been at the centre of developing ideas, tools and methodologies to encourage and support Knowledge Sharing. Some of that knowledge has been captured in a range of online tools and methods such as the KM4Dev wiki, the KS toolkit and the KM4Dev Journal but the heart of KM4Dev has always been the constant exchange of views, ideas, arguments and questions on the KM4Dev discussion group (email list) and the community on the Ning platform. This workshop aims to introduce participants to the community, its tools and methods.

What is a focus group session?