KM impact assessment

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Focus Group session on: KM impact assessment

Louise Clark - Impact Alliance

Some Outputs:

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This session will not present a specific experience of measuring impact of KM, instead it aims to create a neutral space for practitioners to share their experiences, discuss the challenges they face and raise questions they would like to have answered on this issue.

This discussion will provide important input to a new initiative, the Knowledge Management Impact Challenge (KMIC) which will be launched at the end of October to ensure that the KMIC responds to the real issues that practitioners face. The KMIC is a USAID initiative which is currently seeking to identify key partners and sector experts who would like to get involved and help to shape this initiative to promote knowledge sharing amongst the knowledge sharing community.

Key objectives • To facilitate a practitioner dialogue about the challenges we face in M&E of KM • Identify thought leaders on the issue with experience to share with the wider field • To create a neutral space to discuss things that didn’t work in our KM projects and explore the lessons that emerged • To introduce Knowledge Management Impact Challenge and invite participants to identify key questions they would like KMIC to address

• Open popcorn (brainstorm) to explore different areas of KM • What do we mean by impact assessment? / How do we measure / describe our KM activities? • World cafe • Feedback on discussions • Next steps - taking discussion forward

1. Agenda for the session • 10 mins introduction of different aspects of KM - explore diversity of experience in the group and acknowledge the wide diversity of activities that can be described as KM • 10 mins discussion of what we mean by Impact - what are the steps along the road to impact? How do we measure / describe the changes resulting from our KM activities. • 60 mins World café 3 x 20 mins group discussion - groups circulate and discuss 3 questions ◦ 1. Why is it important to describe / measure the changes from our KM activities? ◦ 2. What do you do to describe / measure changes from your KM activities? ◦ 3. What would you like to be able to do to share learning about what works in KM?

• 10 mins Closing round ◦ Summary of key discussion points ◦ Introduction to KMIC - please take away a copy of case study format and let me know if you have any comments

2. Facilitators: • Louise Clark (Impact Alliance) • With support from ◦ Gauri Salokhe ◦ Ewan Le Bourgne ◦ Tamirat Yakob

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):

• Open popcorn (brainstorm) • World café methodology

Hope is that session will provide a space for all to speak and for specific experiences of KM - Impact to emerge