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Learning Pathway on Land

Organizers/ Focal Point(s)

International Land Coalition (ILC)

Some outputs

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Aims of the session


1. Agenda for the session

2. Facilitators:

  • Content -
  • Process -

3. Knowledge Sharing technique used (if any):

The learning pathway in Addis Ababa forms part of a larger initiative of the ILC - see the concept note

We will focus on Pro-poor approaches to decentralisation of land governance in multi-use landscapes: Lessons learnt and the way forward.

We will bring together about 15 people (CBOs, gov and dev partners) in Addis that would form a core group to continue the learning process for another year. ILC will commission a consultant to prepare a scoping paper to provide a basis for the discussions in Addis, and we would hope to have a field trip to these issues in Ethiopia.



What is a learning pathway?