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Learning Pathway on Livestock

Organizers/Focal Point(s)

ILRI COP-PPLD Process facilitation: Julius Nyangaga, Pier Paolo Ficarelli

Some outputs

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We started with a general mapping session where participants introduced themselves and their 'map' of livestock knowledge creation, sharing and use in Africa.

The second session was built around a series of prepared contributions that showcased different innovative experiences across the sector in africa.

Alongside the first two sessions, we facilitate purposeful linkages among participants on ways they can combine forces, borrow from each other, or simply get more information.


Yetnayet Mamo: DAGRIS – the genetic biodiversity system

Gatarwa Kariuki – on livestock market information systems Kenya

Joel Lehmann – Using Mobile Phones in the east adfrica dairy development project

Beth Cullen: using participatory video with pastoralists in Ethiopia

Francis Keita: Livestock market information systems - Mali

Andre van Rooyen – on livestock/feed learning and innovation platforms in southern africa

Sintayehu Alemayehu - livestock early warning systems ethiopia

Silvia Sperandini – COP-PPLD community of sharing on pro-poor livestock